WATCH: Pregnant woman forced to jump from burning building

Pregnant woman jumping from burning buildingA pregnant woman forced to jump from a burning building in order not to be burned alive. This is some serious craziness caught on video. The woman is like full-on belly bustin' out preggers and there is a huge crowd gathered below her calling out to her and telling her to jump.

I think you are going to freak out as much as I did when I watched the video because no one, and I mean no one, wants to see a very pregnant woman jumping from a burning building. I mean I don't want to see anyone jumping from a burning building, but especially not a pregnant woman. AND she's not even jumping with the help of rescue workers, nope, she is relying on the kindness of everyday strangers to save her from hitting the ground.


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This happened in Turkey when a movie theater caught on fire. The woman was trapped on the second floor and her only way out was to jump. Thank goodness for the people below who came to her rescue. The crowd called out to the woman and told her where to jump. They caught her with a sheet and pieces of cardboard. Can you believe that?

I'm so proud of both the pregnant woman for keeping her cool in such a terrifying situation and also of the crowd for coming together and taking care of this woman and her unborn baby.

I am thrilled to say that the woman was taken to the hospital and both she and her baby are just fine.

Image via YouTube

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