WATCH: 3-year-old girl comes back to life at her own funeral!

There is nothing more horrible than the death of a child and nothing more shocking than to open the coffin to find that she's still alive. A viral video captures the scene as a 3-year-old girl in Zamboanga del Sur in the Philippines was lifted from her coffin after being pronounced dead the day before.

A relative had opened the coffin to look at the girl's remains and noticed her head move. She had been declared dead in the hospital the day before after suffering from a high fever, according to news reports. Can you imagine? One minute you've suffered the greatest loss imaginable and then next you're living a miracle?


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Once the family realized that the tiny girl was alive she was taken out of the coffin and given water. They rushed her to the hospital to be checked out. Hopefully it wasn't the same hospital. That is a pretty big mistake and one that the parents won't likely forget.

The girl was given the green light and sent home with her family. She is alive, but she's not recovered. News reports say that she's comatose at her home and the family wants her treated at a different hospital. Which is hopefully one that can tell the difference between someone alive and someone dead. 

The girl had been sick with a fever and was admitted to the hospital. The family was told on Friday that she had died and they took her home to prepare for the funeral service at a church the next day. 

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