Abuelo who shot son is killed by 11-year-old grandson

gun84-year-old, Lloyd Woodlief shot his 49-year-old son, Lloyd Peyton Woodlief after an argument between the family members got heated. Lloyd is still hospitalized, but there is an even weirder twist to this story! The abuelo was shot just moments later by his very own 11-year-old grandson, who came to his father's defense.

The story only gets more disturbing once you get into all the details...


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According to news reports, Woodlief's daughter, Melissa Thomas saw everything go down decided to share her side of the story with the press. Apparently the two men had a bad relationship and the younger Woodlief came around trying to cause trouble.

"He (Lloyd) pulled out a club, like a policeman's club stick, and told him he was gonna beat him to death with it," Melissa said, adding that her brother also tried to grab the gun when their father told him drop the club. Lloyd explicitly told his 11-year-old son who was with him, to kill his grandfather if he were to get shot.

The elderly man kept telling his son leave, but he refused to and that's when the abuelo shot him five times. In the heat of the moment, the 11-year-old boy shot and killed his abuelo as he had promised. By the time police and paramedics arrived on the scene, the abuelo had unfortunately died, but his son was rushed to the hospital. The 11-year-old is facing juvenile charges and is in custody. It's unclear what charges he and his dad will face, but the whole situation is shocking, even to their own family.

Wow, I have no words. It's devastating that a family argument went this far and it disgusts me that this father encouraged his child to act this way. I hope the boy gets gets some serious psychological help because it isn't his fault he was raised by such an incompetent (and seemingly psychotic) dad. His father is supposed to set a good example and failed miserably at doing so. Families get into fights, I get it, but violence is NEVER the answer.

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