Little boy chained to shed & no one said ANYTHING!

child found chained in a shedLast week police found an 8-year-old boy chained up in a backyard shed in Memphis, Tennessee. The only reason police found out about it is because one of the boy's siblings called to report the incident. When police got to the home in question, sure enough they found the boy chained up, but otherwise physically unhurt. A total of six children were taken from the home by Children's Services. Neighbors think that at least some of the kids were foster children.

As crazy as this story of child abuse is, what's crazier is that this isn't the first time the child was chained up! Why on earth wasn't something done about this sooner?


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Kids in the neighborhood say that they know of at least one other time when the 8-year-old was chained up. One neighborhood child said that after his ball bounced into the boy's yard, he asked the boy to join in a game of basketball and, "Then he was like 'I can't, I'm chained up' and I said 'why you chained up?' And he said 'ask my mama.'" Some kids say that they could see the boy chained up through the shed window. 

Apparently, the kids told their mothers, which leaves me wondering why something wasn't done about it right then and there! One mother says that she did say something to police about it and she was told to call a hotline, but for some reason she felt like she needed proof and I guess that's what stopped her.

Ugh! Let's not wait until we have proof of something like this, let's just go on and report the situation if we feel something is not right, then at least an investigation can be launched. Moms, if you see child abuse, report it IMMEDIATELY! You never know when you might be saving a life.

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

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