She found out her home was serial killer's torture chamber!

It's the fear of every woman who lives alone. A Missouri woman recently discovered that the house she was renting was the scene of horrendous crimes committed by a suspected serial killer. 

Catrina McGhaw rented the house and claims she didn't know that women were tortured and killed in the basement--possibly as many as 12 to 20. The suspected killer, Maury Travis, was never convicted of the crimes, but videos were found of him doing horrible things to women and killing at least one, according to news reports. 


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She didn't find out about the house's disturbing past until a friend saw it on a television show about serial killers. As you can imagine, Catrina wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as she found out, but she had signed a lease.

Very few states require disclosure if someone has died in a house (and that's only if someone is buying it) and Missouri is not one of them. Travis' mother claimed that she had told Catrina the history of the house. The St. Louis Housing Authority eventually got involved and she was able to break the lease.

According to news reports, Maury Travis brought women to his basement and then videotaped himself tying them up, raping, and torturing them. The case made national news after he sent a letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch in 2002 talking about his crimes. He sent a map with the location of some of the bodies.

Police later traced the letter to Travis, who was then a 36-year-old waiter, and arrested him. He hung himself in jail before he could be charged with a crime.

Ugh! This story and the fact that this killer lived in this poor woman's house before she did is beyond disturbing. It's frightening to think of living in a home where women spent their last agonizing moments of life.

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