Hit & Run bikers leave TIRE TRACKS on little girl's face! (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

A 4-year-old girl is recovering from a terrifying encounter after two cyclists knocked her over, leaving her with bruises and tire marks on her face.

It that's not horrible enough, the men then shouted insults at little Aaliyah Raj and took off. What is wrong with people? It happened in no cycling zone in England, and more importantly, she's just a little kid! The girl's 25-year-old mother, Samita, said that her daughter was screaming and bleeding from her face. 


To add insult to a terrible injury, the men yelled at the mother for not watching the girl and that the family shouldn't have been there, according to BBC News. Pictures showed the girl with a bruised and swollen cheek and chin. The girl and her mother had simply gone out for ice cream and ended up in the hospital because two thugs weren't watching where they were going.

Cyclists can be just as dangerous as motorists to a pedestrian, according to a recent article The Times, and part of that danger is cyclists riding in areas they're not supposed to, which the men were doing.

What's really upsetting is the lack of remorse or compassion shown by the cyclists. Samira tried to get them to stop, but they left leaving her to flag down a motorist and get help from the police while tending to her injured and bleeding daughter. It's one thing to not see her and run into her (which I've seen often as a runner and bike rider), but to run off and leave a child is unforgiveable.  

Sussex Police are looking for the two men, but are asking for the public's help. They were shirtless and in their 20s

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