Mom abandons baby girl on busy subway platform

Even the most scatter-brained, sleep-deprived, stressed-out mom wouldn't forget her baby on a New York City subway platform, hopping on a train and leaving her helpless infant behind in a crowded station among complete strangers. So, when police discovered a 10-month-old baby girl sitting inside a polka-dot stroller on the subway platform at the Columbus Circle station in Manhattan on Monday afternoon — no parents in sight — they knew the child had most likely been deliberately abandoned. Video surveillance confirmed the fact. In the footage, the child's mother was seen riding the northbound No. 1 train, briefly stepping off the train and pushing the stroller onto the platform before hopping back on the train — this time without her baby.  The mother has been identified and is currently being questioned by police, while the child, who was fortunately unharmed, is in the custody if the Administration fro Children's Services.



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The child's 20-year-old mother was apprehended Tuesday morning after police released photos of the abandoned child and surveillance video of the woman. Someone recognized the woman shown in the video and called the police who, in turn, found the mom near 72nd Street and Broadway at around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday — almost a full 12 hours after she left her baby on the subway platform. Now in police custody, the woman allegedly stated that she left her baby girl behind because she could no longer care for her.

As for the child, she was lucky to be found by a 33-year-old woman who sat alongside her for over 30 minutes, making sure no one harmed the child and hoping a family member would turn up. When no one did, she informed the authorities, who ushered the baby to St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and proceeded to release photos of the child in order to properly identify her.

What kind of a monster would leave her baby on a subway platform? Anything could have happened to that child — she could have been kidnapped, pushed onto the train tracks by some crazed maniac (this is, after all, New York City), died of dehydration… The scenarios alone are beyond disturbing. If the mother was feeling overwhelmed, she should have sought counseling — whether from a medical professional, a church group, or any other valid support network. If the issue was financial, she should have examined every possible option and visited every government agency designed to help struggling mothers feed their families. And, if she truly was unable to care for her baby girl, she could have given her up for adoption, following all the proper protocols and ensuring that, at the very least, her baby would find a new family who would shower her with love and affection. Clearly, she wasn't the least bit concerned about her own child's wellbeing, and so she acted in a selfish and cowardly way, guided only by her juvenile whims.

Image via WABC-TV/DT

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