WATCH: Pregnant woman falls on to train tracks & survives!

pregnant woman train accidentImagine you're standing on a subway platform when you suddenly see a pregnant woman fall onto the tracks. Your initial reaction would be to freak out and (hopefully) call for help. This is exactly what happened to a pregnant woman in China, who faced a near death when she fell onto the train tracks. The mom-to-be who wasn't identified fell after a fainting spell during the morning rush hour in Beijing

Footage was captured of the incident unfolding and it may have easily been one of the most tragic accidents we've ever seen, but a miracle occurs as the train arrives into the station.


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One of my biggest fears is either being a train accident victim or seeing another person get hit by one. It seems that those types of accidents have become the norm, but it is particularly scary knowing a pregnant woman was involved in this particular case. The woman could have easily been killed by the oncoming train had it not been for the conductor pushing the emergency brake button right on time.

The shocking footage shows her post-accident, when she's crawling from underneath the train as it nearly missed striking her. Commuters presumed the woman was dead but breathed a sigh of relief when they saw her come out from under the train with only a few injuries. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors kept her for evaluation, but the good news is her baby was unharmed.

I could NOT get over the fact that this woman survived this accident that could have been a lot worse. I guess it wasn't her time to go yet, but I'm glad that she and her baby are fine overall and that this wasn't a grave tragedy. It's relieving to know that this train conductor acted so quickly on his feet because not many operators could do that in a short time frame. After an incident like this I think it would be safest if the pregnant mama traveled with a companion in tow to have someone watching out for her.

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