Mom tries to drown newborn & it's not first time she's tried to kill him

In the latest episode of 'Crazy Things Floridians Do', a new mom was arrested after attempting to drown her 3-month-old baby in a canal. Fortunately for the baby, a good samaritan saw him laying in the grass with his mother standing over him and promptly performed CPR after the mother, Inakesha Armour, told her to call her husband because she had tried to drown the baby.


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And the worst part of this whole story? This is not the first time Armour has tried to kill her son. She admitted to police that she once tried to give her baby cough syrup and smother him with a pillow, but her mother stepped in. 

Sigh. If there's one thing I learned after living in Florida for seven years it's that the state single handedly produces more 'WTF' stories than all other states combined. What I don't understand is, if Armour, who had been diagnosed with post-pardum depression, had tried to kill her baby once before, why was she left unsupervised with the child? As it turns out, the husband was aware of Inakesha's previous attempt to kill their baby and her own mother was clearly aware of her condition since she had been the one to intervene previously. 

And let me also address the fact that she tried to drown the baby in a canal. A canal!  Even if you've never been to Florida, I'm sure you've heard rumors about alligators in the canal. Well, those rumors are true! Alligators live in fresh water, which means there are gators in the canals, and for this woman to venture into one with her baby is just doubly insane! Let's thank our lucky stars that they baby wasn't eaten, although he is now in critical condition at Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital in Miramar. I'm hoping he has a full and healthy recovery.

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