WATCH: Brutal beat down of teen caught on video & onlookers cheered

beat down in Prospect ParkAt around 6 p.m. on Wednesday a 15-year-old girl was brutally beaten by three women in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. According to police, the attack seems to have been unprovoked. Footage of the incidents shows the teen sitting on a bench when three young women swarm around her and attack. She is punched, hit and ends up on the floor where the attack continues and escalates. The entire thing was caught on someone's cellphone and it is beyond disturbing, but what's even more disturbing is how the people witnessing the attack react.


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To begin with, not one single person tries to help the young lady getting beat up. There is of course the person who decided to catch the whole thing on video, but I really don't think the motivation was to be helpful. In the video you can hear people cheering on the attackers like what they are doing is some kind exciting in a good way. It truly makes me want to puke.

What happened to this teenager is awful and that no one helped her makes it even more devastating. You can hear one imbecile chanting over and over, "This is my young hitters right here!"

The teenager who was attacked did report the incident to the police and the police are investigating. I hope the video helps them catch the attackers.

Can you imagine what the teenager who survived this attack must be going through? This is the kind of stuff that gives you post traumatic stress disorder. How the heck is she ever supposed to feel safe anywhere ever again when this happened to her in daylight with all kinds of people around who would rather watch her get beat than help her?

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