Mom viciously beaten while her toddler watches & it's all caught on tape

attackWords can't describe how horrified I was to see a video of a mother being attacked in front of her 2-year-old son as people stood back and watched. The disturbing footage leaked on Facebook showed that it occurred near a McDonald's in Salem City, New Jersey on Tuesday. The victim is identified as 27-year-old Catherine Ferreira and she told police that she was attacked by 25-year-old Latia Harris, a worker at the fast food restaurant.

The woman says she experienced a concussion and a broken nose during the attack. The worst part is she assaulted her in front of her toddler who was the only one who tried to stop the fighting as others stood by and did NOTHING!


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The video shows Ferreira being brutally beaten and kicked by Harris in broad daylight as bystanders recorded the attack on their phones and didn't try to intervene. Her 2-year-old was the only one who tried getting the attacker to stop but she threatened to kick him in the face. What is wrong with this woman!?

Harris is still on the loose and police are searching for her and asking the public for help. Ferreira says Harris, who goes by the name of "Tia," attacked her because she accused her of spreading rumors about her and a store manager. Police say that the woman faces three felony charges which include two for terroristic threats and one for aggravated assault.

This woman knew that she would get in trouble and told those who caught the attack on video to not upload it to social media. The fact that no one contacted authorities during the attack is disgusting. How is it that only her little 2-year-old tried to intervene!?

I was shocked at how no one tried to help this woman. It makes me question our society's morals more than ever now--I can't believe these people would allow something like this to happen in front of an innocent chiid. What would have happened if the crazed woman actually hit him? Something tells me these people wouldn't have tried helping either of them. I really hope this woman gets caught because what she did was completely unacceptable!

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