Mom REFUSES to take sick newborn to hospital because she's vegan

A Florida mom is facing charges after she refused to take her ill 13-day-old newborn to the hospital because of her vegan beliefs.

Investigators say Sarah Markham's pediatrician told her that her infant was severely dehydrated and needed to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Instead of rushing to the hospital that very minute as most parents would have, Markham said she wanted to get a second opinion about her baby's condition with a holistic doctor. But since the child was reportedly in imminent danger, police soon had to intervene. Seriously, lady?! This is your baby we're talking about!


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According to WFTV, newborn babies typically lose about 5 percent of their weight after leaving the hospital. Makham's family said her child lost about double that. Can you imagine? Apparently, Markham typically only fed the baby organic soy formula and didn't want to take him to the hospital, because she knew the formula there wouldn't be the same.

OK, I'm all for trying to keep your baby healthy, but when a medical professional tells you your child is in imminent danger and needs to be taken to the hospital, wouldn't most moms prioritize that over their veganism? I know my parents would've been out the door and handing me over to the nurse as fast as they possibly could. It's one thing to live a certain lifestyle, but it's another altogether to live it irresponsibly and make your kids suffer because of it. This baby was only 13 days old at the time! What other defense did he have than to rely on his mom to take care of him?

I'm just glad that police intervened in time. The baby was taken to a local hospital where it is currently being cared for. Officials say the child will go to protective custody once released. Meanwhile, Markham, who told officers she's a Seventh Day Adventist and believe s in holistic health, has been arrested on child neglect charges.

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