SEE: Spine-chilling picture couple took minutes before they're killed

A young Boston couple was killed in a tragic freak accident, just hours after posting a photo to Instagram of the sunset they were enjoying viewing together on a walk. Jack Lanzilotti and Jessica Campbell were reportedly strolling through Back Bay on Saturday evening, soaking in the end of the first official day of summer as so many of us did. At around 5:30 pm., the 26-year-old woman even stopped to take a snapshot of the view of the sky. Sadly, just four hours later, both died when a vehicle struck them while they were walking near an intersection. Ugh, so unbelievably heartbreaking.


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According to police, one vehicle collided with another at approximately 9:15 p.m., flipping over and then striking Campbell and her boyfriend while they were still strolling around the neighborhood. The accident occured just hours after the young woman uploaded the above photo of the sunset to Instagram, with the caption, "Little sunset action on the esplanade."

Lanzilloti died at the scene while Campbell was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Two people in the other cars were also taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Details surrounding the cause of the accident remain unclear. Police gave few details, but 26-year-old Alghazali Ghuzlan was arrested on Monday night on charges of motor vehicle homicide. She was later released after police say "conflicting information" surfaced.  

This just breaks my heart. It just goes to show how unpredictable life--and death--is. These two so young and clearly in love, just innocently enjoying their time together, when a horrific accident like this happens out of nowhere. There's no explanation or logic to it, it's simply a terrible, terrible tragedy. I'm just glad that their last afternoon together was clearly a beautiful one. My heart goes out to all their family and loved ones.

Images via My Fox Boston, JessCampbell34/Instagram

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