Spain's flight home from World Cup gets hit by lightning, proves bad luck DOES strike twice

Spain's soccer team is definitely having a terrible, no good, very bad couple of weeks. The reigning World Cup champs had a horrible experience at this year's tournament in Brazil, getting eliminated in the first round, much to everyone's shock. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, they got another bad surprise on Tuesday when their plane was hit by lightning as it was landing in Madrid. Yup, lightning. Maaan…talk about bad luck striking twice (HA, sorry, I had to).


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A spokesperson for the airline confirmed that the Iberia flight, which reportedly touched down at about midday local time in Spain's capital, was hit by a bolt of lightning at landing. Luckily, no one on board the plane was harmed and the aircraft wasn't damaged.

I'm not a Spain fan, but I obviously wouldn't want any of their players to get hurt so I'm glad that they managed to escape the incident physically unscathed (I'm sure their egos are probably still hurting from that World Cup burn though). That being said, I can't help but find the incident a teeny bit funny. OK, a lot funny. OK, I'll just come out and admit, I'm still laughing. COME ON…you gotta admit the timing of it is not only coincidental, it's almost downright poetic. A more fitting ending to the team's disastrous efforts in Brazil couldn't have been written by even Hollywood's best screenwriters.

In any case, it seems as if someone up there is seriously angry at the team (whether it's because of their poor playing or blatant arrogance over the years, we'll never know). Sorry, guys! Better luck next time.

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