SEE: Insane picture of man with knife stuck in his back

knifeImagine you're in a local restaurant enjoying your breakfast when a man walks in with a knife lodged in his back. Your initial reaction is probably to freak out, which is exactly what happened when a 50-year-old stabbing victim found his way inside a Queens McDonald's. The unidentified man was spotted in the fast food joint Tuesday morning with a 6-inch kitchen knife stuck to his back as blood poured down staining his white T-shirt.

According to witnesses people were freaking out over the man's injury as he stood there calmly talking on his cell phone. Luckily for him, he was immediately given medical help as police continue to investigate this bizarre case. You HAVE TO see the crazy picture after the break!


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Police say some people claim to have seen several men fighting on the street nearby. One food truck owner in the vicinity said the man was stabbed by the men after a separate fight he had with them earlier in the week. What shocked everyone was how surprisingly calm the man was despite having a knife stuck in his back.

man stabbed in backWhen he walked into the fast food joint, customers say he was on the phone and sounded like he was speaking to a family member. "He was on the phone ... [and] he was [saying] it might be the last time he's speaking to them," witness Tromaine Yancey told the NY Daily News.

Customers jumped to help the man as soon as they saw what was happening and held him upright as they awaited on medical responders. He was admitted to Jamaica Hospital in serious condition and police are still looking for two men they believe are responsible for the stabbing.

Oh my god! I don't know how I would react if I'm sitting in a restaurant and all of a sudden a stabbing victim comes stumbling in. I definitely know I would freak out, but it's amazing to me that this man didn't even appear to be in pain. In order to make phone calls to family members and be that calm while having a knife lodged in your back is inexplicable. I still can't get over how crazy and graphic the image is! Hopefully he will be okay and police can catch the men who did this to him.

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