You can call it fate or you can call it a miracle, but an 8-month-old girl who was missing for hours since her mother's car was stolen at a gas station, has finally been found. Little Genesis Haley is safe and sound and all thanks to one jogger who seemed to have taken a fateful turn. The baby was found snuggled in her car seat among bushes near a Houston, Texas road. Thank goodness!

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The infant apparently was in her mother's car outside at a Houston gas station, when the car was suddenly stolen. Hours later police were able to find the stolen vehicle, but the car seat and baby girl were still missing.

We still don't know who was behind the grand theft, but fortunately, someone was able to find the baby. Hong Nyugen went out for a morning jog when she heard a baby crying in the bushes. "I heard the baby crying," she told ABC News. "I looked around and didn't see anyone nearby, I found the baby lying in the car seat. There were a few ants on her hand, maybe a few insects."

Nguyen immediately called 911. Police arrived and found the baby in the bushes. She was then rushed to Texas Children's Hospital for examination and was found in good condition.

Funny thing is, Nguyen is visiting from Vietman and staying with family in the States. And she doesn't usually go jogging!  "I was very worried and a little bit scared in that situation, so I just wanted to call the police to help me and to find the parent to get her back to her parent," she said.

Wow. What a relief! I can't even imagine how happy this baby's family must have been to hear that she was still alive and well. But unfortunately, the robber is still on the loose. Police have recently released a sketch of the man who stole the car (pictured below)  but there's still not enough information. So far he's been described as a young African American man who appeared to be either in his late teens or early 20s. He's estimated to be about 5-feet-9. Hopefully cops are able to track him down. But please if you hear or see anything, call the department at 713-308-3600!


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Images via ABC News/Facebook

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