SEE: Student stuck inside giant vagina finally rescued

Don't call this guy a one-minute man! An American student living in Germany spent hours trapped inside a 32-ton sculpture of--wait for it--a giant vagina. It took 22 firefighters--all of whom must have been stifling their laughter--to release the student from the clutches of the man-eating vagina. Talk about keeping it tight!


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Located outside the Tübengen University institute for microbiology and virology, the statue, designed by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara was first unveiled in 2001. Made of red Veronese marble, the cave-like structure is meant to celebrate the vagina as a gateway into the world, a life-giving canal. We all know art speaks to people in different ways, but in this case, the student was clearly overcome with a Liz Lemon-esque, "I want to go to there" feeling. But, alas, this particular canal was not designed for re-entry.

It's unclear how the student became trapped, but the mayor of Tübingen was not amused by his exploring shenanigans. Internet users, however, have been quite tickled by the photos of the unnamed student circulating the web--most of which show him laying on the ground, his legs lodged in the statue's crevices, his arms and upper body free, and a backpack laying on the floor next to him. The photos have led to a plethora of birthing jokes, sexual double-entendres, and genitalia-centric puns. My favorite? "He should O'Keefe himself out of trouble!" And can you blame them? So much for hitting it and quitting it!

Image via Imgur

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