WATCH: Chilling footage of possessed Mexican girl after playing with Ouija board

ouija boardCall me crazy or incredulous, but I have never believed in spirits floating around and waiting to enter a body through an Ouija board. Clearly I'm wrong because three youths from San Juan Tlacotenco in Mexico were possessed by spirits after a few minutes of playing the game. The behavior was so erratic that the paramedics had difficulties restraining them before taking them to the hospital. And the worst part? It was all caught on video, check it out for yourself below.


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So apparently, 22 year-old Alexandra was playing a few minutes with her 23-year-old brother Sergio and their 18-year-old cousin Fernando Cuevas before she started growling. Soon after, the boys started behaving strangely too. The three of them appeared to be in a trance like state and the boys complained of feeling blind, deaf and having hallucinations. The parents of the siblings were so scared that they ran to the church to fetch the priest so he could perform an exorcism. When the man of God refused to do so because the youths weren't regular churchgoers, the parents called the paramedics. Can you believe it? I thought the church was for everyone. Apparently not, if you live in the village of Tlacotenco.

According to Victor Demesa, director of public safety in the nearby town of Tepoztlan, the three youngsters looked troubled. They had to restrain Alexandra to prevent her from hurting herself because she had involuntary movements. Once they arrived at the hospital, the doctors treated the trio with painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops, which worked.

Honestly, that's the problem I have with this story. If they were really possessed, none of those western medications would have worked with the spirits. I don't doubt they were in distress, but I think they just wanted to behave that way. After all, the mind is a very powerful thing and it is proven that we can control our body and functions if we want to. I'm sure some spirits out there are feeling a little offended about the treatment and the cure the trio had. It's supposed to be about good versus evil, not antidepressants.

You have to see the spine-chilling video, below:

Image via jmawork/Flickr

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