Drunk mom makes kids ride on hood of car & the unthinkable happens

kisha youngA drunk mom in Texas was arrested after a pool outing with her kids and her friend's kids. Kisha Young and her friend took their combined six kids earlier this week on Tuesday to the Creekside Community Pool in Crowley, Texas where the family probably had a fun sun-filled day. Nothing wrong yet, right? Well, it seems the moms had a little too much fun drinking while their kids chilled down and when they left on their way back home,  39-year-old Young decided that it would be a really bad idea if her kids and friends' kids rode inside her Chevy Malibu. Well you know what's a worse idea? Making the kids ride on the hood and in the trunk of the car. Of course, this story only gets worse …


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According to reports, Young didn't want to get her car seats wet, so she made the kids, six in total ranging in ages from 8 to 14, ride on the hood and the trunk of her car. Now, if you're familiar with the kind of car she was riding, it isn't very big and probably has nothing to hold on to, so what made this mom--and her irresponsible friend--think this was a good idea is beyond me. Blame it on the alcohol I guess.

The trek from the pool to their house is a short half a mile, but there are two sharp turns along the way and tragedy struck when the mom took on of those curves probably a little too fast: Four of the kids fell off the car, one of them, Young's own 12-year-old daughter, sustained severe head injuries. In fact, the girl had to be air lifted to an area hospital where she is still in critical condition.

I'm not sure what to think of all this, except to say that I'm glad more of the kids weren't more seriously injured. But this mom's irresponsibility is incredible--and her friend isn't off the hook either! (She may face charges as well.) It's not clear how many of the kids were Young's, but whatever the case, she should have thought of their safety, NOT her car seat's condition! I have to say, she needs to face the charges coming to her. Young was charged with intoxication assault, a third degree felony., according to the local NBC station report. The mom was released from jail yesterday June 20 after posting a $110,000 bond. But investigation continues and I hope justice is made in this case.

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