Entire family disappears into thin air & police have no idea what happened

An entire Alaska family, including two adults, two young girls and their dog, recently went missing and police have no idea where they are or what may have happened. Authorities in the area have been looking for 22-year-old Rebecca Adams, her boyfriend, 37-year-old Brandon Jividen, and Adams' daughters, 5-year-old Michelle Hundley and 3-year-old Jaracca Hundley, for the last three weeks. A canine scent detection team and an aerial and ground crew have been aiding in the search and yet, police still have no leads.

So how is it that a whole family could've seemingly vanished into thin air?


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According to reports, family members last heard from Adams on May 27 when she made a phone call to her sister, who says the mom sounded "distressed" at the time. Investigators say there was no sign of forced entry into the apartment, which was reportedly locked, nor was there any indication of a struggle or foul play in the residence. The family reportedly left both cars, their children's car seat, and Adam's wallet, credit card and cell phone behind. They also failed to pay rent on their home.

Though police have searched the town of Kenai, the city in which the family lives, and completed an extended search in wooded areas near their apartment, no further clues have been found. Authorities have called off the ground and aerial searches, but are continuing to distribute photos of the family in hopes the public may help with their ongoing investigation.

What a strange and mysterious case. How is it that an entire family, including their dog, could disappear without anyone noticing? Where would they have gone, without their cars or even their ATM cards? It's all just too weird. I just pray that there was no foul play involved and that police are able to find them safely and as soon as possible.

Image via KTUU-TV

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