Beauty may not buy you happiness, but it can definitely get you a ton of attention. Take this 30-year-old convicted felon named Jeremy Meeks, for instance. He was arrested on Wednesday during a gang sweep in Stockton, California and is facing five weapons charges and one gang charge. But his handsome face and his striking blue eyes seems to be all anyone is talking about after police released his mugshot on Facebook. It's got women all over the internet going crazy!


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It all started after Meeks' mugshot was posted on the Stockton PD's Facebook page. The image went up along with a brief description that read: "Jeremy Meeks, a 30 year old man, convicted felon, arrested for felony weapon charges." Meeks was actually caught by Stockton Police as part of their Operation Ceasefire enforcement mission. It was a multi-agency task force that executed the criminal creep, including the Stockton PD Gang Violence Suppression Unit, Community Response Team and County Wide Gang Force along with nine other organizations, including the FBI. So as you can see this mission was no joke! The man was arrested on some pretty serious charges. Regardless it has already drawn over 5,000 ogling comments, 1000 shares and 20,000 "likes." Anyone else find this hysterical?

You have to read some of the comments women left on the posted mugshot. "I actually thought he was a Male Model … Arrested for being TOO G*d D**n SIZZLING HOT lol," one wrote. And the best: "With a face like that so much better suited to a life in front of a camera, rather than behind bars. What a shame. His eyes are amazing. Bad boys yum yum. Ridiculously photogenic criminal … send him my way! Haha. Daaaaamn … Felonies … shemellonies … who cares?! I love him!!!!"

I can't help but wonder if Meeks has any clue that's he's gone viral. Someone has to have told him at this point. Either way, I can't help but laugh at this story. One part of me doesn't want to admit that this man is good-looking because clearly he's a criminal. But good looks don't lie and these ladies definitely have a point. The guy is freaking hot!

In fact, there are a ton of memes that have popped up of Meeks as a model. Check them out below! Seriously, no one ever told this guy growing up he could be a model?

Image via Stockton Police Department

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