Disgusting man fatally raped baby daughter in most horrific news today

babyI don't even know where to begin with this story because, to be perfectly honest, I couldn't stomach it. A disgusting 27-year-old New Mexico father is being accused of raping his 8-month-old daughter. The man, Julio Iturralde, is said to have assaulted the infant inside a room at Los Lunas Inn and Suites where he locked out his girlfriend, 25-year-old Jasmin Davis during the attack.

The rape wasn't even the worst part of this terrible story. I'm still trying to process it!


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When he finally let Davis into the room, she checked the baby for injuries and she found a giant pool of blood in the baby's diaper. Iturralde who was reportedly smoking meth at the time kept her from taking the baby to get medical help until the next day when she rushed her to the hospital. Doctors confirmed that the infant had been sexually assaulted, but her condition was worse than they expected.

The child was raped so badly that she had massive blood loss and needed to have her internal organs reconstructed. Iturralde was charged with criminal sexual penetration of a child, false imprisonment and child abuse. The mother may also face criminal charges for tampering with evidence and lying about the incident. She told police that she believed the girl was injured by another child. 

She later admitted the truth and that she too had smoked meth with Iturralde the day after he raped their daughter. Currently the baby was taken away from Davis and is in the care of the Children, Youth and Families Department. This story is so sickening!

What disgusts me about this whole story is that although this man committed this horrific act, the mother tried to protect him. How could she do that?! The baby was assaulted in the worst way and has to get surgery and these people are still selfishly trying to look out for themselves. I pray that the infant recovers fully from this traumatic attack, but both of her parents need to be locked up. It would be best if she was in the custody of a loving family and not two meth heads who aren't capable of taking care of a baby. I thought humanity was already screwed, but these people took things to an all-time low.

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