Boy exploring abandoned house finds mummified body in closet

A young boy exploring an abandoned house in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday received a huge shock when he looked inside a closet and found the corpse of a man whom officials say may have died nearly five years ago.

Montgomery County officials identified the man as 53-year-old Edward Brunton and ruled his death as a suicide by hanging. Authorities also revealed that his body was well-preserved as the closet shielded it from any sunlight, insects, or humidity. This is so sad…not to mention, horrifying for that poor child!


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According to the coroner's office, Brunton was homeless before he inherited money from his mother to buy the house in October 2009. Officials say the man most likely died soon after purchasing the home, which has since been engulfed by weeds. Reporters even found a notice from the city government dated May 11, 2013, telling the homeowner he was violating the law by not mowing his lawn. Can you believe that?

Neighbors told the press that they had not seen anyone in the home for years and confirmed that they believed it to be abandoned.

It's unbelievable that the body was there for so long, with no one noticing for all these years—even the city officials who left that notice on his door! Didn't they wonder why it seemed as if no one was living there? It's heartbreaking that poor Brunton really did seem to be all alone in the world, for no one to notice his death. And that poor kid who found him must be traumatized! 

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