Little girl forced to sit in her own pee on Jetblue flight

I don't think anyone would have expected a flight attendant to deny a 3-year-old girl the chance to use the potty, and then to refuse to let her mom clean her up when she had an accident on herself. 

It can be a harrowing experience traveling with kids, expecially really young ones. From the long waits, to the delays, to the lack of FUN distractions—flying with babies or toddlers is kind of brutal. Even so, what happened to poor Jennifer Devereaux and her little girl Summers seems especially horrible.


Devereaux says it all started when her (very quick) flight from New York City to Boston got delayed on the tarmac. After about 30-minutes, her daughter started to complain that she had to use the potty, but when Devereaux got up to take her to the bathroom, she was quickly reprimanded by a flight attendant who refused to budge on the fastened seatbelts rule, even though the plane hadn't even taken off.

As most of you have predicted by now, little Summers just couldn't hold it any longer and wound up peeing her pants in her airplane seat. Devereaux took it in stride though and quickly tried to clean up the mess. That's when things took a turn for the crazy. The same flight attendant once again refused to let the mother take care of her child and when Devereaux complained, the attendant went straight to captain, who turned the plane around, took it back to the departing gate and called security!

I can't even believe this. Yes, I understand that rules are rules and when it comes to flying, most of them are put in place to protect our safety but this is just ridiculous. They weren't even about to take off! They were delayed, on the ground, at the airport, and all the stupid steward had to do was give this poor mom a few minutes in the bathroom with her child!

Fortunately, an off-duty pilot who was sitting two seats in front of her came to her defense and convinced the crew to let her stay. So does Devereaux get to fly free on Jetblue for the rest of eternity (that sounds about fair to me!)? NOPE! Though she said: "I am so thankful for him and other passengers sticking up for my family's defense," all that the airline offered her when they received her complaint was a $50 gift certificate!

Are you fregging kidding me? "I want an apology and I don't want them to do this to any other family. I want this behavior to be stopped," Devereaux said. Yeah, ya think?

A Jet Blue spokesperson replied that they are looking into the situation and plan to reach out directly to the family. Hmm, I hope they get enough bad PR from this that they are forced to reconsider how they treat families traveling with toddlers, ESPECIALLY when there are delays on the tarmac.