Latino man kills pregnant woman & the reason is insane

A case of unrequited love resulted in tragedy on Sunday, June 8 when a Louisiana man killed the pregnant woman he was in love with. For two years, Emilio Calderon tried to woo college student and part-time waitress Katherine Martinez, but his romantic overtures were repeatedly unsuccessful. Still, 29-year-old Calderon was undeterred--even after 23-year-old Martinez entered into a serious relationship with the would-be father of her child. On Sunday, Calderon visited Martinez's apartment in Terrytown, Louisiana ... but what happened that day and the reason will send chills down your spine.


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Calderon became enraged when he found out finding out that Martinez was carrying her boyfriend's child. He stabbed her three times, then strangled her to death, killing both Martinez and her unborn child. But here's the craziest part of this crime of passion: Sources say Martinez had NEVER had a romantic or sexual relationship with Calderon but, in fact, had repeatedly rejected his advances.

Since Calderon had not shown any violent tendencies, it seems that Martinez didn't think she needed to take out a restraining order against him. Still, according to Martinez's family members, Calderon had become increasingly persistent, showing up at Blue Cliff College, where she was enrolled, and frequently visiting the restaurant where she worked. He searched for her on social media platforms, resulting in her blocking him from all her accounts--only for him to start opening phony accounts in hopes she'd interact with while he adopted these false online identities.

Increasingly frustrated with Calderon's refusal to accept their relationship as merely platonic, Martinez decided to let him into her home when he showed up at her doorstep unannounced. Presumably, she hoped that after having a serious face-to-face conversation with him, she could finally put an end to his infatuation.

Unfortunately, Martinez had not realized the extent of Calderon's delusions as the smitten man seemed to be under the impression that she was bearing his child--even though all those close to Martinez insist that the two never had sex and that they never even kissed. When Calderon discovered the truth regarding the baby's father, he lost all control and killed the woman he claimed to love so fiercely. Calderon is now in police custody and faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated assault.

As women, we're all used to getting attention from men--even if it's often unwanted--and brushing it off as insignificant, so I can see why Martinez figured Calderon simply had a fleeting, innocent and perfectly harmless crush.  Still, I have to wonder why she didn't see the red flags when, after two years, he was still pursuing her and showing up unannounced at places she frequented. I wish she would've seen he had gone from suitor to stalker, that his crush had turned into an obsession, and, in turn, taken a restraining order out on him. More than anything, I wish she hadn't opened the door when Calderon came knocking on Sunday, that she would have asked him to leave and called the police if he failed to do so. Martinez clearly had more faith in humanity than I do and it's sad that her kindness contributed to her tragic death.

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