Cop finds his dad in bed with his wife, understandably freaks out

cracked doorUn-friggin-believable! Last year on July 11, 33-year-old Timothy John "TJ" Brewer, of Moab, Utah invited his father, Wesley Brewer over for dinner. At the time TJ was a sheriff's deputy and Wesley was a well-respected local fire-chief. Anyway, on that fateful evening, TJ was in the kitchen cooking dinner and his wife Logan supposedly went upstairs to put one of their kids to bed, when she didn't come back, TJ went looking for her and allegedly saw her "on top of his dad" on their son's bed. Yup, the dad was shagging the son's wife! Well, what do you think happened?


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TJ lost his cool and pistol whipped his father while Logan ran to the safety of her parents' home. Now, I can't really blame TJ for losing it under those circumstances, can you?

At some point, Wesley made it back to his own home and tried to get a gun to apparently harm himself. His wife, Cindy, hid the gun and he used a kitchen knife to stab himself two times "punturing a lung and slicing his liver."

While the dad was at the hospital, a messed up and intoxicated TJ showed up without a shirt or shoes and "stated several times that he wanted to kill his dad, that he wanted his gun to 'finish the job.' " He ended up assaulting an officer before he was arrested and charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, two counts of domestic violence in front a child, assault on a police officer, intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Timothy John BrewerThe charges have since been reduced to assault and assault against a peace officer. On Wednesday, he appeared before the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and asked them to let him keep his badge. The council voted to suspend him for four years and after that if he wants to be an officer again, he will have to back through the police academy.

Is it weird that I feel horrible for this man? I mean of course he lost his mind and reacted violently in the moment. He caught his wife on top of his father in his own home while he was cooking dinner for them. What kind of monsters are they? I can't imagine a bigger betrayal than what this man witnessed with his own eyes. I'm not sure that Gandhi himself could have remained non-violent in a situation like that.

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