Mom kept dead daughter's body in fridge for months

refrigeratorThere is horrific news coming out of Houston,Texas after child-welfare officials were informed of a child's body found inside a fridge. The little girl, 9-year-old Ayahna Comb, suffered from cerebral palsy and reportedly died late January of this year. Her mother, Amber Keyes, kept her body in a fridge drawer since then and hadn't reported it to police. 

If it hadn't been for a concerned neighbor who found the body, little Ayahna's disappearance would still be a mystery.


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Keyes is being investigated over her daughter's death but says she had nothing to do with it. She claims that she woke up one morning only to find the disabled girl not breathing and tried to revive her to no avail. She does admit to stuffing her body into the fridge but says she is innocent.

Police revealed that the child was severely underweight weighing only 14 pounds, decomposing, and that she hadn't seen a doctor in over two years. The child's father, Armand Comb, had no idea his daughter was dead and said that Keyes never made mention of Ayahna's death. Apparently, he saw their other youngest daughter more often, but says the last time he saw Ayahna was two months ago and that she seemed healthy. Two weeks later, Armand was hospitalized after having a seizure and was unaware of what happened to his daughter.

Currently police have not charged Keyes and Child Protective Services took her other daughter into custody. The dad says he is devastated by his loss; "I just want to know what happened, man, and why," he said. "I was right here. I would have helped. I would have done anything."

This is so sad! I don't understand why this woman didn't report her daughter's death when it first happened. It is suspicious that her death came so unexpectedly that it worries me that foul play was involved. I feel terrible for this entire family and I hope police can get to bottom of this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with them as they cope with this tragic loss.

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