20 Students taken to hospital when 6-year-old brings heroin to school

A group of twenty Philadelphia first-graders were taken to a hospital on Tuesday after police say a 6-year-old student brought 11 (!!) packs of heroin into a classroom at Commodore John Barry Elementary School. Say what? How is that even possible?!

Authorities were called to the scene after a first-grade teacher saw one of her students playing with the packets. According to police officers, two of the packets had been opened and one had been chewed open. Oh my god! Of course, this begs the question: How did these drugs get into the hands of a 6-year-old in the first place?


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Authorities say the packets were open and at least one student had put a packet of the drug in their mouth. All twenty students exposed to the heroin were taken to the hospital for examination and then released. Needless to say, parents were left shaken by the incident. I don't blame them! Even in small amounts, heroin can be fatal and definitely doesn't belong anywhere near a classroom full of little kids.

Meanwhile, police say the search of the school found no other narcotics in the school. A spokesman for the school district says that they're not sure how the child got to be in possession of the drugs, but that first-graders aren't searched upon entry to the school. Police have since searched the child's home and expect to file charges against the child's mother and her boyfriend.

This is so crazy. I can't even begin to imagine how those parents must have felt upon getting this news. Anytime a mom or dad gets a phone call from a school, their minds immediately start racing and jumping to conclusions of what could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure no one, especially a parent of a first-grader, would ever expect something like this!

It's heartbreaking that the child in question obviously comes from a home with negligent parents who not only do drugs, but leave them out for the kid to take. I'm just glad that all those children are OK and that nothing worse happened.  

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