Heroic teacher injured during shooting risked life to warn rest of school

An Oregon physical education teacher injured in yesterday's shooting at Portland's Reynolds High School helped save student and faculty lives by rushing to the main office and activating a lockdown procedure, police revealed today.

According to reports, the gunman (who remains unidentified) shot teacher Todd Rispler and 14-year-old student Emilio Hoffman, before committing suicide. Hoffman sadly died of the bullet wound, but Rispler was able to escape and warn the rest of the school about the active shooter situation. Now, authorities are praising the teacher for his quick actions.


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The unidentified gunman reportedly entered the school's separate gym building at around 8 a.m. and opened fire. Police say that despite being hit in the hip, Rispler was able to make it to the main office and get the rest of the school on lockdown. His students are now thanking him for his selfless act, taking to Twitter to write praise like "Rispler's a hero" and he "deserves a medal." Meanwhile, Rispler's family says he is currently recovering from his wound.

It's still unclear what the shooter's motive was or whether he was targeting a specific person in the attack. Authorities have tentatively identified him, but have yet to release his name to the public.  

I'm sure the entire community and all those students' parents are incredibly thankful to Rispler for being brave enough to his own life for the safety of the rest of the school. He is truly a hero and deserves to be recognized as such. At the same time, this incident only again calls to light the consistent rise of violence in schools in the past several years and I can't but wonder how many more lives will have to be taken before something finally gets done. When will this madness finally end? 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' loved ones and everyone affected by this scary ordeal.  


Image via ABC News

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