Dad arrested for accidentally giving 11-week-old baby meth

A Phoenix man has been arrested after feeding his 11-week-old baby methamphetamine--accidentally. Police say 24-year-old Christopher Telles stuck his thumb in his son's mouth in an effort to calm him and stop him from crying. Unfortunately, that thumb was covered in meth at the time.

Sigh. Looks like we have another candidate for parent of the year over here, folks.


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Telles told police that he didn't mean to give the baby meth but that he had it on his thumb because he had crushed a rock-like form of the drug the day before. The infant suffered from a seizure after ingesting the drug and Telles brought him to a local hospital to be treated, where he was eventually interrogated by police. The father has since been arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

It seems as if the dad really didn't mean to give his child the drug, which I guess is a good thing and (sadly) more than some people can say. Still, that's hardly an excuse or justification for what happened. Even if he's telling the truth and he wasn't actually doing drugs at the time (I say very skeptically), why did he have all these drugs lying around his infant in the first place? Especially if he's handling them and then handling the baby, as seems to be the case here. There's just too many ways a kid can find them or somehow get into them and it puts an innocent child unnecessarily at risk.

Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for him to get clean and shape up, for the sake of his kid. In the meantime, I hope the baby is able to recover quickly and placed with someone who can properly love and care for him.

Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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