Toddler crushed to death by falling statue on family vacation

A Utah family's recent vacation to California turned into every parent's worst nightmare when a 2-year-old was crushed and killed by a falling statue outside of a San Francisco art gallery.

Kayson Shelton and his family were reportedly enjoying a walk alongside the city's iconic Fisherman's Wharf on Friday afternoon when the little boy reportedly tried to climb a dolphin statue in front of the Majestic Collection Art Gallery. But when he stepped on to it, the 6-foot-tall metal sculpture tipped over and fell on top of him. This is honestly too sad for words…


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Kayson's 6-year-old sister reportedly tried to stop the statue from falling, but it was too heavy. At first, Kayson did not seem to be seriously injured and was taken to a hospital with only a bloody nose. But things quickly took a turn for the worse and just four hours later, the young boy died of internal injuries.

It's still unclear just exactly how the statue fell. While reports say the boy was trying to climb it, Kayson's dad said his son simply wanted to touch it. But police say the statue wasn't even supposed to be outside in the first place. Apparently, officers had reportedly warned the gallery to remove it because it can obstruct pedestrian traffic. After the fatal incident, they were issued a citation from police, although authorities didn't say what that penalty entailed.

I couldn't help but tear up at this horrifically tragic story. It's terrible any time that a child's life is lost, but it's even worse knowing that it could've been avoided. I can't even begin to imagine how devastated those parents must be now. I only hope that the gallery has since moved the statue indoors to prevent any future accidents from occuring.

The Shelton family is currently trying to raise money towards funeral expenses on an online fundraising website. My heart goes out to them all, particularly Kayson's mom and dad.

Image via KPIX

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