WATCH: Elevator carrying Latino man crashes into roof in scary freak accident

I've never been a fan of elevators. As a serious claustrophobe, getting stuck in one is definitely in my top 3 fears. Plus, there's also that whole potentially plunging to the ground thing to worry about.  Well, a man in Chile recently lived one of my biggest nightmares, but in reverse. Instead of crashing to the ground, the elevator that 31-year-old Jose Vergara Acevedo stepped into began racing upwards, going up 31 floors in just 15 seconds before crashing into the roof. Um, yeah…I didn't even know that was possible, but I'm now officially adding that to my list of elevator-related phobias!

The entire terrifying ordeal was captured on dramatic footage from the surveillance camera in the lift. And it's so crazy, you just HAVE to see it. Although warning: if you're anything like me, there's a solid chance you may never want to step foot in an elevator ever again.


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As can be seen in the clip, Acevedo got into the elevator in a building in Bustamante Park, Chile, on Friday. He presses a button, but instead of cruising gently upwards as expected, the lift malfunctions and starts flying toward the roof. The footage captures Acevedo frantically pressing buttons to try to stop it, but only succeeds in opening the doors, allowing him to see exactly how fast he's going. Oh my god, my heart is pounding just thinking about it.

It's unclear what exactly went wrong. According to reports, the building was only finished eight months ago. Acevedo was rescued by firefighters, but suffered serious injuries to his leg and head.

It's a miracle that Acevedo even survived, considering how fast this thing was going. I hope he recovers quickly—and that whoever is in charge of that building takes extra caution with those elevators going forward!

Check out the terrifying footage below:   

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