Sick mom arrested for raping 3 young boys at once

A South Dakota mom has been arrested after allegedly raping three young boys—all at the same time. I wish I were making up, but unfortunately, this sickening case actually happened.

Apparently, 30-year-old Anne Doubler was caught after her boyfriend and 4-year-old son found her naked with three boys between the ages of seven and 10.  I don't know what's worse—that she could do something that disgusting to little kids or that she has a young boy herself!


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Police say the boyfriend immediately notified authorities after making the shocking discoveries. The boys, who apparently lived nearby, later told authorities that they had had sexual contact with the woman. Officers say the believe Doubler has had at least three other victims, the youngest of which they think is only 5 years old—just a year older than her own son!

Officials are not sure how long she has been victimizing the child but say that if Doubler is convicted of rape on all counts, she could spend the rest of her life in prison.

This is honestly horrifying beyond words. I don't get how anyone can sexually abuse such young kids. And this is a woman whom the other neighbors obviously trusted with their own children, probably because she had a young child of her own. I can't even begin to imagine how horrified her boyfriend must have been when he walked in to that disgusting scene, especially since they have their own little boy together. I'm just glad he did the right thing and turned her in. Hopefully, justice will be served and she'll pay for what she did.

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