Disgusting mom may spend rest of her life in jail for having sex with teen

A 38-year-old married woman and mom is facing charges of aggravated rape and child abuse for engaging in a sexual relationship with her daughter's 15-year-old friend. Heather Salines has entered a not guilty plea, even though she's admitted to all the charges and said that "things spiraled out of control." You'll never guess how she got caught!


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On top of having sex with a 15-year-old boy, Salines was also sending the teen naked selfies. Who does that? It definitely wasn't the smartest thing to do because the boy (like any kid his age) showed them off to his friends. In fact, he showed it to a friend, a student at Belmonte Middle School in Saugus Massachusetts, who reported it to police. What a mess!

So how the heck did these two hook up in the first place? According to Salines, the two met two months before they started getting sexual. Apparently, the teen opened up to her about how "he lost his mother at a young age." One thing lead to another and you already know what went down after that. "When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old … he acted like a grown man," she said in court. Um, but he was a 15-year-old--so that's NO excuse!

Apparently, they were having sex at her home when no one was around, how her husband and daughter didn't pick up on it is beyond me. They even had sex in a car in a parking lot. But Salines claims that the boy insisted they get a hotel room, out of fear that her daughter would walk in on them one day. They booked a room at the local DoubleTree hotel on March 19, just two days after they started seeing each other. Ugh!

It doesn't really matter whether or not Salines had regrets or felt remorse, the truth of the matter is she had sex with a child--that's gross and illegal. She's now facing charges of aggravated rape, abuse of a child and one charge of disseminating obscene material to a minor. She could spend up to 60 years behind bars if found guilty.

Honestly, what was this woman thinking? There is absolutely no excuse for what she did. I feel bad that she might spend the rest of her life in jail for a sexual act that was obviously consented for, but still she should have known better!

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