World's worst dad causes huge brawl at kindergarten graduation

raymond walker graduation fightIf you think of one embarrassing thing you could do at your child's graduation it's probably cheering too loud. Well, that's nothing compared to what happened at a kindergarten graduation in Cincinatti, Ohio. Raymond Walker started a fight at North Elementary School with another man at his son's graduation causing chaos at the ceremony. As many as 20 adults got into a huge brawl caused by the first punch thrown.

I'd be  mortified if my parents were ever behind something like this!


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The fight got so bad that the school had to be placed on lockdown and the superintendent, Lori Handler, called it a domestic violence situation. She said the school's main concern was protecting the students and the other parents who were not involved in the fight. "Obviously, it was a celebration of graduation. Our staff did a good job of protecting themselves and the students and the other parents. So, that's what it was," Handler explained.

Walker turned himself in to police a few days after the fight and not surprisingly already had a criminal record. He now faces assault and panic charges after the mess he caused. School officials want him charged to the full extent of the law because of the risk he put everyone in.

One witness explained the chaos that occurred at the graduation. "I'm standing there, and all of a sudden this rush of people throwing punches is coming at me. There was a gentleman who was carrying a newborn that got hit," said parent Kim Calai.

Another parent was disgusted by the adults' behavior and thinks its pathetic. "These kids were robbed of their special day - their kindergarten graduation. It's not right." Stacy Liggett stated. "I am not blaming the school one bit, but with that many students, you are going to have a lot of parents and family attending."

It's already awful that one bad seed tried to ruin his kid's graduation, but what the heck is up with the rest of the parents?! What concerns me, too, is the parents' short fuse. That speak volumes about their home environment and the children's safety. Hopefully, the school makes sure to cover this during the investigation for precautionary measures. One thing for sure is that these kids will never forget their first commencement! You can watch the brawl below!

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