Sick teens kill abuelos for money

A teenage couple in Colorado has been arrested on first-degree murder charges after killing the boy's grandparents in order to get his inheritance.

Police say 19-year-old Brendan Lee Johnson and his girlfriend, 18-year-old Cassandra Ann Rieb, began plotting to murder his grandparents Charles and Shirley Severance back in May. Then last month, the two teens snuck into his grandparents' house and strangled both the 70-year-olds to death. As if that isn't unthinkable enough, their actions after the killings are just as gruesome.


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According to reports, the teens thought they could kill the elderly couple and get the inheritance of $20,000, as well as the grandparents' small house, worth about $47,000. But Charles actually woke up while Johnson was trying to suffocate him and tried to fight him off. Sadly, he wasn't strong enough and it is thought he ultimately died of a heart attack while fending off his grandson.

Meanwhile, his grandmother reportedly offered the couple the combination to their safe in an attempt to save her life. But that wasn't enough for the vicious teens, who strangled and stabbed her to death.

Making the case all the more horrifying? In an effort to cover their tracks, the teens told police they wanted to cut up and burn bodies. The grandfathers' corpse was too heavy for them to carry, but they ended up burning his wife's body in a fire pit and later taking part of it with them when they eventually fled to Nebraska. Police didn't discover Charles' body until over a week later.

This is honestly too horrifying for words. How can anyone do this to their own grandparents, not to mention the rest of his family? Can you imagine how his poor mother, who was Shirley's daughter, must feel, knowing her son was responsible for their deaths? It's sickening and I only hope justice is served on the behalf of those grandparents and the rest of their family.

Image via CBS Denver

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