Woman bites off her husband's penis in a fit of rage

An angry 27-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh, India hit below the belt during a heated argument with her husband.  And when I say hit below the belt, I don't mean with her words. This woman was so pissed she literally attacked her husband and attempted to bite his penis off and you're NOT going to believe why. What is with women and trying to bite their men's penises off?


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Uma Patel was pretty pissed at her husband, Jitendra Patel, for the silliest reason ever. The poor man was hungry and so he asked his wife if she could make him breakfast. Nothing wrong with that, right? She refused and apparently gave him the deaf ear. So understandably he decided to go into the kitchen and cook something up himself. Seriously, what was the problem?

But for some reason this upset the woman and they started to argue. She got so violent, their children had to physically separate the two and hold her down and that's when she grabbed his balls and bit off his penis.

I don't know how, but someone he managed to escape and reported the incident to police but the poor thing was so embarrassed he refused to undergo a medical examination, out of fear the whole thing would become public. His wife was arrested and booked but later released on bail. They even had a counselling session with police and agreed to stay together. Can you believe that?

Things got ugly when the husband's genitals started to get infected. He freaked out and went to one of his close friends who advised him to treat the infection with local herbs but that only made things worse. The genitals started to seriously swell up and even formed pus. The poor guy finally decided to see a doctor and get examined and he was hospitalized immediately after. His surgery was scheduled for Tuesday.

As for the wife, I'm not too sure what's going on with her but it looks like police are adding more charges like "attempted murder." If this man decides to still stay with this crazy woman even after all this, then he deserves that penis-less existence!

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