Woman kills childhood friend & you won't believe what she did with the body

storageI can't wrap my head around the most bizarre story you will probably hear today. A 29-year-old Japanese Brazilian woman was arrested after police caught her using her dead childhood friend's passport in China. The suspect, who has not been identified, was caught after police made the discovery of 29-year-old nurse, Rika Okada's body in a storage facility near Tokyo.

What makes this story MORE shocking is what the woman had done with Okada's body!


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Reportedly the last time anyone heard from Okada was a Facebook status in which she stated that she was going to see a friend whom she hadn't seen in a long time. Police tracked down the suspect when they found out she used Okada's credit card to pay for a storage unit in her name. According to reports, she had stored her friend's body which she mailed to the place inside a six foot box labelled "Doll."

Police say Okada did not have defense wounds and had been stabbed dozens of times, which may mean she was unconscious first. The suspect allegedly also used Okada's passport to travel to Tokyo in May and now may face murder charges as the case is further investigated.

Japanese authorities are also seeking an arrest warrant for the suspect for breaking the law big time. A police official said, "[Police] have obtained an arrest warrant [for this woman] on suspicion of violating Japan's immigration law." It is unclear why the suspect committed this murder, but willfully turned herself in at the Japanese consulate in China. 

There are so many questions I have about this story that I don't know where to begin. Something tells me this woman reacted out of jealousy by killing her friend who was clearly living a good life. Considering they are friends from childhood, there could have always been a friendly rivalry between them and as usual someone always takes it more seriously than the other. It freaks me out though that she felt a need to ship her friend's body and hide it in a storage facility so she wouldn't get caught. That had to be the dumbest idea ever because credit cards are so easy to track! Hopefully police can get to the bottom of this case, but it's just sad that you can't even trust some of your oldest friends nowadays!

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