Woman kills 2-year-old & blames murder on biblical sermon

A Florida woman who killed her former partner's toddler daughter said she was moved to commit her actions after hearing a sermon about biblical sacrifice the day before.

Police arrested 40-year-old Kimberly Dawn Lucas after she allegedly drowned 2-year-old Elliana Lucas-Jamason in a bathtub and attempted to kill her 10-year-old brother Ethan on Monday. Making the whole case even more horrifying? A suicide note found on a laptop at the scene cited a sermon given on Sunday by a local pastor, about the story of Genesis, as her motive. Ugh, I'll never understand how people can rationalize hurting innocent, young kids.


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In the biblical story of Genesis, God calls upon Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, then stops him just before he commits the deed and blesses him for his obedience. According to an arrest report, the suicide note on Lucas' computer placed blame on the childrens' mother, whom she had recently separated from, and then cited the story as the reasoning behind her heinous crime, adding, "God never told me to stop!" There are no words to properly describe how awful this is.

The girl's body was found in a bathtub full of water. Authorities say Lucas had attempted to give the children an anti-anxiety drug. The woman was briefly hospitalized but has since been jailed and charged with first-degree premeditated murder and unpremeditated murder.

I can't even begin to imagine what those kids' mother and family must be going through now, knowing that one child was killed and another almost lost at the hands of someone they once trusted and loved. My heart breaks for them and those innocent, defenseless kids. I only hope Lucas gets the sentencing she deserves.

Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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