Mom got baby dangerously drunk & had no idea until it was almost too late

baby bottleOh mamás, this is just awful. Jessica Bachmaier, a 26-year-old mother and resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, made her daughter a batch of formula using bottled water that was in the fridge. After drinking the formula, 13-month-old Nevaeh started behaving strangely, according to Bachmaier. "She was limp as a noodle," the mom says, and then she passed out on the coffee table. The baby slept for about an 1 hour and 15 minutes and then Bachmaier took her to the hospital where it was discovered that her blood alcohol level was at .289, that's THREE times over the legal driving limit for an adult. Bachmaier doesn't even drink, so how did this happen?


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Apparently, the bottle of water that Bachmaier used to mix the formula had vodka in it. Bachmaier says that she asked a male friend who is a "known alcoholic and drug addict" to babysit while she went to work and that she believes that's how the vodka got in the bottle.

Neveah is okay. She was treated at a Pittsburgh hospital and has been released to the care of foster parents.

No charges have been filed so far, but police are still investigating the case.
Of course, Bachmaier is devastated and wants her baby back.

My heart goes out to Bachmaier, it really does. She says she can't sleep or eat and is constantly thinking of her daughter. I believe her and I believe she never intended to harm her daughter, but I HAVE to say that perhaps leaving her in the care of a "known alcoholic and drug addict" was not a good idea. It's lucky that baby is alive and well.

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