WATCH: Awful video of baby forced to parasail ALONE

baby parasailingAn 11-month-old little girl in India was loudly crying as she was strapped into parasailing gear at Muzhappilangad Beach. Then that little BABY was sent off on her own to fly about 40 feet in the air with a rainbow colored parachute all by herself as a truck pulled her. I'm sorry, WHAT?! This was part of an event organized by Malabar Aero Sports Society a Kozhikode-based adventure sports and tourism organization in an effort to popularize parasailing. Okay, are they trying to popularize parasailing with infants because this makes no sense?!


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The baby, Niya Nisam, is the granddaughter of Safar Ahmed, general secretary of the organization. The organization says the baby received "proper training." Are you kidding me? That child isn't even old enough to wipe her own butt and you are telling me that you trained her to parasail by herself? I'm appalled!

The video of the baby parasailing naturally freaked out everyone with half a brain and an investigation has been launched. A local police rep said, "We have taken this matter seriously and to ensure a thorough investigation, we are planning to file a charge against the parents and the organizers." Well, I should hope so because this is a severe lapse of judgment of EVERYONE'S part. That baby deserves better treatment than to be used as a part of some sort of sensationalistic and dangerous promotional stunt.

I am truly disgusted and could only watch the video once because it makes me sick and angry. I cannot believe that the parents of this little girl would sign off on this. I really can't. Are they insane? I really don't think that I am making too big of a deal about this. I feel so bad for that baby.

Here is the footage, be warned that it will likely make you very upset.

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