Man who drugged & raped his ex-wife repeatedly gets NO jail time & it's BS

A woman from Indianapolis is speaking out against a judge who sentenced her convicted rapist to absolutely NO jail time. Mandy Boardman was raped by her ex-husband, David Wise, for years, but this A-hole got away with no jail time and the stupid judge told Mandy to forgive her attacker and move on. She's PISSED and so am I!


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"I always knew something was happening to my body, but I never had proof that it was happening," Boardman told WLWT News. She found video proof on Wise's cell phone that he was raping her in the middle of the night after drugging her with Xanax and it was going on for years. But Friday, Wise was only sentenced to eight years house arrest. Meaning this convicted rapist got only 24 days in jail and a BS house arrest sentence. How the hell is this fair?

It's not, which is why Boardman is doing everything in her power to get the word out. "I hear the judge tell me to forgive my rapist and then I listen to him tell him that he can go home that day. Never in a million years would I have thought that anyone, especially a judge, would tell me to forgive my rapist--and I never thought my rapist would we walking out the door with me," she said.  Boardman is furious because clearly the judge didn't take her claims seriously.

"There is no difference when a woman knows her attacker and when she doesn't," Boardman's defense attorney, Elizabeth Milliken told the Indianapolis Star. Boardman doesn't plan on giving up, she's working with numerous organizations and advocates to get the word out and she also plans on appealing Wise's conviction.

And get this, her jerk ex-husband who she's has two children with is fighting for shared custody. Can you freaking believe that? He's banned from seeing her but is still trying to get custody over the kids. This is infuriating that in 2014 a judge would let a rapist go home just because he was married to him victim. Since when does that make it right? That judge deserves to be locked up in jail right besides Wise. Ugh!

Image via WLWT News

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