Poor high school students aren't allowed to graduate & it's SO WRONG

high school graduationSo many people take so many things for granted. In this great country of ours it's easy to forget that there are those who face major challenges when it comes to something as important as graduating from high school. Even for some who have beaten all the odds and made it to 12th grade and are completing all the requirements for a high school diploma, they will still not get the much deserved honor of participating in their high school graduation because of poverty. Graduating requires a cap and gown and those do not come for free.

As someone who grew up as the daughter of a mother with a sixth grade education and faced all sorts of financial challenges, the idea of high school seniors not being able to walk for graduation because they can't afford the $40 fee for a cap and gown makes me cry big fat tears. Please tell me you believe that everyone deserves to graduate from high school regardless of whether they can afford a cap and gown or not.


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For hundreds of graduating seniors in the Texas Coastal Bend, that $40 fee is what threatens to keep them from celebrating one of the biggest milestones of their lives and it is so not right.

When King High School Graduate Grace Powers found out that the cap and gown fee is an issue for so many students, she had to do something about it. She and her mother teamed up with Communities In Schools, a non-profit dropout prevention agency, and created a graduation sponsorship program called Walk the Stage.

I love that Grace Powers was moved to help so many students. So far 400 students have been helped by the sponsorship and will be able to walk the stage at graduation, but there are still about 65 seniors who need help. If you can help, please find out how you can sponsor a graduating senior here.

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