SEE: Shocking image of baby born with head on her stomach!

baby girlA 22-year-old woman in India gave birth to a baby girl who was born with an extra head attached to her stomach. The mom, Amlekha Bairva, delivered the parasitic twins last month and was kept at a hospital to conduct further tests on the infant.

The condition, which is known as Hetropagus Twinning, occurs when twin embryos develop in the utero but the pairs never fully separate. The shock came to to Bairva and her husband Ramji who never saw a doctor during her full pregnancy.


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The good news is that Dr. Chetan Sharma at JK Lone Hospital is planning on performing surgery on the baby to remove the extra head and he is hopeful about the outcome. He said:

She's a healthy child with a normal heartbeat. She doesn't have any other internal or external complexities and that increases her chances of survival. We are confident that the surgery would be successful and the girl will lead a normal life with no future complexities in the future.

The baby's parents have not given her a name yet, but she does have a 5-year-old brother at home. They say ultrasounds were too expensive which is why when Bairva was pregnant they had no idea their daughter had this problem. Ramji said, "My first child was born normal so I never thought there could be any complications with my second child. When I saw my daughter, I could not believe my eyes, I couldn't pick her up."

Luckily for the Bairva family, the hospital plans on performing the surgery on their daughter free of cost. Aw, what a bittersweet story!

The pictures are shocking of this baby girl and the extra head she has coming out of her stomach. Hopefully the surgery goes as planned and the infant will be out of the hospital sooner than later. My prayers and well wishes go out to her family as they embark on this journey together.

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