Mom arrested for starving sick 6-month-old baby to death

A Missouri mom has been arrested for allegedly starving her 6-month-old baby daughter to death.

Police say 31-year-old Deshelle Atkinson's little girl, Betsy, died of pneumonia, but it was the mom's severe neglect that led to the illness in the first place. When the baby died back in January, she was dirty and extremely malnourished, with her rib bones poking out of her skin. Ugh, doesn't that just break your heart? This poor child.


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According to reports, family members tried to call 911 after the little girl stopped breathing, but medics were unable to save her. When emergency responders arrived, they found the baby with dirty fingers and toes and rat droppings littering the room where her crib was.  She was also very thin and Atkinson later admitted to officers that she had only fed Betsy six ounces of formula and three or four bits of baby food in the last few days before she died. What kind of mom could treat her own daughter that way?!

The mom also told police that she knew the baby was sick, but was afraid to go to the doctor out of fear she'd lose custody to her boyfriend. The scariest part? She has four other kids, from the ages of 4 to 15.

Atkinson has since been charged in the death of a child and first-degree child endangerment and her other kids have been moved to another residence during the investigation.

Thinking about that innocent, helpless baby girl hurts me to the very core. I don't get how anyone can watch their child suffer and just allow it to happen, instead of seeking help or taking action. It's horrible beyond words. Clearly, Atkinson isn't a fit parent. I only hope that her other kids find a safe home with someone who is better able to take care of them.

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