6 Brothers raped sister for over 10 years & parents did nothing to stop them

teen girlA family in North Carolina was busted after police made the horrific discovery that their 16-year-old daughter was sexually abused by her six brothers and parents for almost a decade. Aaron, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Matthew, Jon, and Eric Johnson—brothers ranging in ages 19 to 27—now face various charges of rape and sexual assault. Their parents, 65-year-old John and 54-year-old Nita Jackson, were charged with felony child neglect.

The girl isn't being identified by authorities, but did speak out to say she had been raped since she was four-years-old, shocking everyone including neighbors who say the family kept to themselves.


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The case was brought to light when Eric told his pastor about the atrocity they committed during confession in 2012. The pastor, Elder Dan Horn says that Eric was aware that what they were doing was wrong and came to him confessing he wanted the family to be healed of this problem. Horn then went to police and told them of the information divulged to him.

Eric Tilley, the Perquimans County Sheriff, says he blames the parents for this horrific behavior. "It's your responsibility as a parent to teach [your children] right and wrong. When you see a child doing something that is totally wrong and you don't correct them, then the child thinks it's OK."

After Eric revealed what he was doing, police reached out to him and said the other brothers confessed as well. During investigation police found that John was anti-government and had the kids homeschooled. The mother also knew what was happening to her daughter but did nothing to stop it. However, when police tried talking to the teen, her parents refused and ended up moving the family to Colorado.

Eventually investigators caught up with them in Colorado and the girl spoke up confirming everything her brothers had told them. The family was arrested and the parents are being held on a $15,000 bond while her brothers are being held for bonds up to $200,000 each.

UGH, I can't explain the disgust that came over me after hearing about what happened to this girl. It's horrific to know that there are parents out there who allow things like this to happen. I can't even imagine how traumatized she must be from dealing with this for so long. I really hope she's in better care now and that she is receiving the therapy she needs after what she's gone through. I agree with the sheriff that this is her parents fault for permitting this to happen. I hope they get the worst sentencing of all and that her brothers get the help they need. They too were victims influenced by their disgraceful parents.

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