Teacher arrested for having sex with 3 different kids in one day

A teacher getting arrested for engaging in sexual activities is (sadly) not a new or even uncommon story. But South Carolina high school teacher Ellen Niemiec recently took things to a new low when she allegedly had sex with THREE different students in just one day. Seriously? What is wrong with this lady?

The 29-year-old married mother of three is facing three sexual battery charges for the inappropriate encounters she had with the students, two of whom were 17 and still considered minors, during the month of April. As if that wasn't bad enough, you'll never guess where and how this all went down.


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Apparently, all three encounters took place on April 11 during a house party and on the high school's grounds. Yeesh…so she was having sex with her own students on school grounds, as well as partying with them after work too. Great job, teach.

Police began investigating the case after school officials reported the sexual encounters. It's unclear how they found out about them, although apparently Niemiec also texted nude photos of herself to the students.

It's despicable that a teacher, who is supposed to be a trusted, guiding figure to her kids, would take advantage and abuse their authority like that. Plus, how can she not even take into consideration just how much this would affect her own family? I can't even begin to imagine the reactions of her husband and three kids upon learning what she did! Clearly, she wasn't thinking at all. Unfortunately, she'll have to pay the consequences for her careless actions now.

Image via Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

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