Vigilantes brutally cut man's penis off for rape but did he deserve it?

bloody knifeHow do you feel about vigilante justice? I'm not sure where I stand on it. I understand why some people feel driven to take justice into their own hands at times, but I wonder when justice becomes brutality if it can still be called justice. I'm thinking of this because vigilantes in Brazil went after Francisco de Souza de Castro, a 66-year-old man suspected of raping a 3-year-old girl. The little girl was allegedly abused on Sunday at a rural ranch where Castro works. The girl's mother noticed signs of the attack when the girl came home. Local police confirm that although forensic tests are not back, the girl does show signs of rape.

So what did the vigilantes do?


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They found Castro and they castrated him. They cut off his penis as well as three of his fingers. When he made it to the hospital, doctors were unable to reattach his penis or his fingers.

It's not clear who attacked Castro, but obviously local media are speculating that it could have been angry members of the little girl's family. Castro remains in the hospital. He was conscious during the attack and police hope he can identify his attackers.

It pains me that a child was hurt. If Castro is indeed the man responsible for raping the child, then I hope he is incarcerated and I wouldn't mind if it was for the rest of his life, I'd actually prefer it.

I realize that it was anger at what happened to a little girl that drove the vigilantes to act so brutally, but now because of their brutality they also should to pay for what they have done. You can't chop someone up with no consequences.

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