Little girl snaps haunting selfie minutes before she's killed

A 9-year-old New York girl killed in a horrific car accident this past Sunday left behind a memento for her a family: a selfie she snapped only moments before the crash.

Rebecca Ramnarine's reportedly took the photo after church on Sunday on the iPad she shares with her siblings before getting into a car driven by her friend's mom. Hours later, the grieving parents looked at the tablet and found the picture of their adorable fourth-grader.

"It was like a gift. She was smiling, like always," her 39-year-old dad, Richard Ramnarine, told the NY Daily News. Ugh, this story just breaks my heart into a million pieces.


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According to reports, the car Ramnarine was riding in was hit by 62-year-old Kenneth Palache. The man ran through a stop sign while speeding away from the cops after they tried to pulled him over for a suspected hit-and-run crash. Palache, who had a suspended license at the time, hit 60 MPH in just two blocks and slammed into the rear of the vehicle that Ramnarine and her friends were in. Another car was also involved in the crash. All of the other passengers in all three survived.

Rebecca's parents were in another car only a few minutes behind them and came upon the wreck. I can't even begin to imagine what that must have been like, seeing the damaged car and realizing it was the car their daughter was in. My heart hurts for them.

Palache has since been arrested on manslaughter and other charges.

Such an unbelievably horrific tragedy. A beautiful young girl's life ripped away because of one man's careless actions ... it's too awful. My thoughts and prayers go out to Rebecca's parents and all of her loved ones. I only hope that they hold and cherish the memories of her close to their hearts and that they find the strength to get through this together.

Image via CBS2

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