Single mom rescued from crash 5 days later, but it's not all great news

A Colorado woman was finally rescued this past weekend after being trapped inside her crashed car for close to a week.   

Kristin Hopkins was found by a local motorist on Sunday afternoon off a local highway. She had reportedly gotten into an accident and spent five days stuck in her vehicle, which struck multiple trees and rolled approximately 80 feet down an embankment during the wreck. Doctors say that she had to get her feet amputated due to injuries, but it's a miracle she even survived.


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The 43-year-old single mother of four children was reported missing on April 29 and entered a statewide police database as a missing person. But because she's an adult and there were no signs of foul play, no active search was conducted. It wasn't until a motorist hiked down the area on Sunday that anyone spotted the car and realized there was someone in there.

Emergency responders weren't even sure the person inside the car was alive when they showed. But after they broke the windows, Hopkins was able to stick her hand out and alert them to the need for rescue. This poor woman!

She was flown to a hospital, dehydrated and in critical condition but conscious and coherent. Now, medics say they were not able to save her feet due to the severity of the multitude of both internal and external injuries, but are still hopeful of her prognosis.

It's a downright miracle that Hopkins got out of this horrific ordeal alive. And while it's obvious that she has a long and difficult road ahead of her, the most important thing is that she is still here and reunited with her children. I can't imagine what her family must have been going through not knowing where she was all that time. I hope they get all of the love and support they need to get through her recovery process together.   

Image via KDVR

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